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Processing speed: 1000 tests per hour

At a glance

Testfácil is an application to design, print on paper, capture and process any kind of test. It’s aimed to simplicity and efficiency

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Testfácil can be freely downloaded. It’s managed by a credit-based system that must be purchased in order to digitize and process tests.

(Windows 7 or higher is required)

  • control_point Registered users keep their own credit account, which is reduced with every processed test.
  • control_point In order to register and obtain your credit, please contact us

Do you want us to manage everything?

We can design, print and send the forms to you. We can also travel anywhere with our own devices to process your sheets on-site.

Contact us to further information and obtain a custom proposal.

The students can leave the classroom even with their exam corrected (if desired). A photo of each exam will be overlayed with the answers, mistakes and grade calculation.

The exam solution (correct answers and criteria) can be established before or after the exam. The solution can be changed any time: grades are recalculated on the fly.

Analysis of data: what questions are too easy or difficult, simulation, grade threshold… everything is exportable to a spreadsheet, just like the grades.

Sucess stories

Correction of exams, assessment tests and open examinations.

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